Sunday, April 25, 2010

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What is a Becoming?

Eric Stockhausen

A being exists for a moment. A Becoming lasts forever. A being is a state. One is never in the same state. Something always changes. This change is produced by motion. Every Becoming has motion and exchange.

A being is a thing. A Becoming lives. A person is neither the matter nor the state. A person is not erased by change but is the change, for without change, there is no life.

Motion can be outward and inward and inner. Outward is the motion a becoming puts out into the experience. A becoming delights in the power it has in affecting the experience (aka the perceived the world). I also called this outward motion dedication. A becoming dedicates itself to an outside becoming (beings are but dust in the wind). An outside Becoming can become a book or another person.

Inward is the motion brought to the Becoming from another Becoming. Light can affect a Becoming’s eyes. This affects in an endless chain of chaotic becoming. I call the inward force loyalty because of the expectations and patterns that exist in the experience.

Inner motion defines self-organized thought. Some believe thoughts hover in a metaphysical state above matter because it is sometimes difficult to imagine inner motion becoming thought. A becoming has no borders and can even translate the chaotic environment into organically organized cognitive processes.

A Becoming becomes a living thing only because there is motion that has organized it. Living Becomings can share bits on their personalities with each other. Therefore the borders between two or more can be very thin. I call this multiplicity of becoming. We live as part of each other. This is not a mystical thing but a literal thing.

Eric Stockhausen

Some believe that the meaning of life or “Why live?” comes only from the will to live and to reproduce. It is true that those things play a roll but only at a lower level.

I believe meaning comes from exchange. A being moves in order to become. Becoming something is life for me.

Both self-originating motions and received motions produce the living experience. The self-originating I call dedication, which can be for a project and people. A being dedicates itself to a motion which changes its experience. For every push into the world there is an equal and opposite push backwards. This is the exchange of meaning.

The received motions produce loyalty which is inner emotional understanding of non-self-originating motions. One may have a loyalty towards an idol or a parent. Books can provide a sense of loyalty. One can even be loyal to an understanding of words and grammar.

Motions become emotions. All experiences change. The changes are the motions, which are colored by emotions. My meaning of life comes from these emotional motions which start it.

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