Friday, April 27, 2012

My meta-ethics

Good and bad are dependent on the world you live in, so I am a world context relativist, which is not all that serious, seeing that everyone to have a moral conversation with is in the same world. What kind of bodies we have, what kind of experiences we have, how social we are, how we can and cannot communicate, what we can reasonably obligate a person to do or not do, etc. All of these depend on the findings we have in investigating the world we are in and sharing experiences with others.

Morality will emerge because 1) we are social beings, 2) because we are mitdasein, or beings with others in the world. For the first point, we could not be moral if was not in our biology that drives us to interact with others. The second point is that it does not make sense to have morality when you are the only being that exists. Morality goes beyond how it feels for me and goes into how our interactions affect others. Without interactions, a morality cannot emerge.

Returning to the first paragraph, the kind of morality that emerges depends completely on the qualities world we live in.

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