Saturday, October 2, 2010

My philosophy…

My philosophy…

Life is a story with no main character, no clear beginnings and no clear endings.
If I explain who I am I could discuss my parents and their parents and so on because that is very important to the question: who I am. What makes Socrates so important is his impact on history from his death onward.

There are things you are never prepared to hear in your life like: “You have cancer.” You will be thrown into a world you no longer understand. I have only felt that anxiety when I had the mindset that the world decides my fate. Acceptance transforms us from victims of change to citizens of change. Our stories are what we make in life and will become meaningful once we know ourselves.

Truth with a capital T belongs to humans. It is the truth we make through imagination and living our daily lives. When a Truth becomes real to oneself, it is a story. A Truth may be falling in love or standing up after falling down. But remember there is no ending, so the happiness and sadness must be taken as it comes.

I cherish my sadness. I can barely remember when I last cried, but I can feel the sadness I hold from knowing stories of this world. I fancy myself an information broker of sorts. I have learned a great deal in my short life that I feel a bit old. I share sadness with the people in silence and in conversation. Though I may express a lack of knowledge regarding the heart, I am coming to terms with a human Truth of being in a world which has told me its fears but I have yet to tell it I understand.

It is the job of the writer to hear the world and tell its stories. I have stories of all shades of emotion, but I still am learning them as they unfold in the lives around me. Telling the world its stories is my thanks to all that live. Sometimes beauty really is beauty even if one cannot make it into something other than poetry.

Philosophy means love of wisdom. There is place for philosophy of the ultimate nature of reality and room for how life is lived. I do not blame people for not loving wisdom. There is much to love in this world, so much for the better.

Vanity has its place. I have one vanity in particular. I want to smile when the day comes that I must die. This does not mean I will not fight against the injustices of the world. It is probably because I feel lucly to have lived despite the plague.

This is our philosophy I believe.

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