Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sappy Weekend post #2

It is Saturday again, and I am a-thinkin about creators, performers, and happiness.

I do not believe in a creator but many creators. Those who write, who make do-dads, and who provide that which makes us happy. Though some creations come from nothing but the creator's self, I prefer creating from what already exists that way I am thankful to those who provided the resources for my little creations. The best way to be thankful is to be happy. Those who thank the creators have returned the favor. For myself at least, to be thanked wholeheartedly motivates me to create.

Performers inspire emotions in an audience. If the performance is good than the audience should leave feeling that they have spent their time wisely. A good performance is based on a kind of wisdom, which I cannot explain without seeming sappy. Performers are like creators in the sense that they connect to those who benefit from their work.

I make my life performance where I connect to those around me. Nothing is worse to me than giving someone a substandard time. Whether it is by being annoying or long-winded, these bring resentment, the opposite of thankfulness. A performance-based morality where one aims to improve the lives of others through consciousness and wisdom of acting properly. When one knows who ones audience is and how to act, that person is capable of doing good. A Christian may say who is your neighbor, and I say who is my audience, who do I affect.

Creators have a bit more solitude. They may never see or hear from those who benefit from their work. Hard as it sounds to be a creator, this added dimension has its blessings. The creator may actively search out his readers or fans. A creator may be happy knowing his work continues to help those after he has died. He may even create a new universe in his work that has a happy ending and let meaning escape into it. This escapism would allow the creator to be able to handle his own mortality if the universe he creates has this eternal happiness. Their are also selfish reasons to write articles and make toys, which is just part of reality I have to accept. I personally want to know what others think of my work in the sense that I will improve it to ensure a good read. The greatest sadness of such a route is that not all can be please by one person or by my messages. Many people also have to find happiness themselves; in there case, my work is powerless.

Well, a strange piece on my thoughts this weekend.

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