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Monday, April 11, 2011

Meeting with a Christian Apologist sponsored by TF

Tomorrow, I am going to see a Christian Apologist do what she or he does best. Tuesday Fellowship has aimed this event to the nonbelievers on campus. Because I good friends with many of the members of TF, they have personally invited me and repeatedly followed up that invite in order to make sure that I will come.

Seeing how much they have put into this effort and not to mention the bond we have as intellectual rivals, I will attend this event despite my loathing of sermons. In order to prepare for this event in advance, I have decided on my questions and determining the most appropriate way of presenting myself.

Seeing how diverse RUF is about Christianity, I plan to ask questions on points which Christians disagree, like the following:

  1. What is your understanding of evolution? Do you believe it? Why? Do you believe that Christians who disagree with you about evolution are harming Christianity?
  2. Do you believe that reason and faith can coexist, but if ever they conflict, it is not faith which must submit to reason but reason to faith?
  3. What is your understanding of marriage, sexuality, gender, and gender roles? Are people allowed to form committed sexual relationships with those of the same gender despite the fact that in the past this might have ended in their deaths if discovered? Do you believe transgender people when they say they were born in the wrong body? What gender role would you assign an intersexed child who has ambiguous genitalia? 
  4. To you think American Christianity is too liberal or conservative as a whole? For instance, do you think that society should go down the narrower path or should plurality and liberty be upheld despite religious reservations?
  5. What is your understanding of separation of church and state? Should teachers be allowed lead children in Christian prayer in public schools?
  6. Do you believe that Hitler and majority of Nazis believed themselves Christians and that Christian antisemitism still exists?
  7. Do you believe Islam tends to make its believers more violent?
  8. How does a Christian know that they preacher is actually preaching the word of your deity? Is there a particular creed that a preacher must have in order to truly have a connection with your deity?
  9. Do you think Christians are justified in withholding food and shelter to those who will not pray to Yahweh before them and end their 'sinful' lifestyle?
During the talk that the apologist gives, I plan on taking notes not on where I disagree but in trying to figure out what this person believes, for as I see it, Christians believe the most incredible things, literally.

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